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The factory director assistant and Japanese translator
Job responsibilities
1、  Assist the director dealing with production system of organization, planning, control, management and implementation and etc.;
2、 Assist every department turning the operation process, management norms, measures, and the performance standard into normative text system according to the requirements of director,
3、 Coordinate the relevant departments to develop new product and process innovation and product quality ,assist  to solve problems in production;
4、 Supervise each department heads’ work of production, quality control, storage and transportation, etc;
5、  Response for the Japanese translation (interpretation and translation) of the company timely and accurately ,in accordance with the relevant quality standards.
1、Master's degree or above, related major of machinery and equipment manufacturing, electrical and mechanical.
2、Intermediate professional titles or above.
3、Five years working experience in manufacturing enterprise production and management, be familiar with mechanical, electrical and mechanical equipment processing.
4、Familiar with production planning control procedures and methods
5、Familiar with quality management, production management, cost management and independent operation management
6、Hold a good language expression ability and interpersonal skills
7、Good  foundation of Japanese and Chinese, professional translation skills, writes fluent;
8、Strong competency of coordination
general manager assistant
Job responsibilities
1、Response for the management and the specific work arrangement, implementation, check, urged, implement the implementation under the leadership of the company general manager
2、Response for the classification of all kinds of documents and present to general manager then turn to related departments ;
3、Response for the organization office meeting and conference record of general manager, then draft and issue relevant resolutions, decisions of the file.
4、Response for the relevant documents concerning the company and general manager of issuing, registration, transfer, archives and filing work;
6、Response for the reception and visiting of relevant units according to the arrangement of the general manager,;
7、 Complete other work assigned by directly upper;
1、  Master degree or above
2、Three years working experience as an assistant to the general manager or President secretary
3、Skilled computer operation ability
4、 A good document writing ability, can complete copy of the authors of the manuscript independently.
5、 With proficient English and French in listening, speaking, reading and writing, able to communicate in English or French and foreign fluently communication, and discuss the project
6、 To work full of vigor, full of passion and confidence, strong dedication and sense of responsibility
7、  Strong affinity, good communication skill and team work spirit
Overseas project director
Job responsibilities
1、According to the overseas company development strategy, to develop overseas market expansion and business strategic planning, organize the implementation of the company strategy in overseas markets;
2、  According to the company's annual business objectives, establish the strategy of overseas projects as well as the implementation of specific measures;
3、  According to the company's annual business objectives, establish the strategy of overseas projects, as well as the implementation of specific measures;
4、  According to the company's annual business objectives, establish the strategy of overseas projects, as well as the implementation of specific measures;;
5、 According to the company's annual business objectives, establish the strategy of overseas projects as well as the implementation of specific measures;;
6、  Processing, coordinate and develop overseas business related affairs
7、  Responsible for overseas business develop the work flow and management system;
1、  Master degree or above
2、  Hold management experience and rich overseas related work experience of 3 years or above;
3、Have a thorough understanding of overseas market and culture, have very strong English writing and the ability of fluent spoken language;
4、  Hold a skilled French speaking and writing ability
5、 Be good at organizing resources and lead the team
6、  Have a good business development capability, excellent negotiation skills and public relations consciousness
Mechanical designer recruitment
Job responsibilities
1、Can develop technical solutions, design the drawing and prepare the product summary table strictly accordance with the technical standards and design requirements of the development task.
In charge of technical work of new products, improve product research, , test and trial production process on one’s own supervise;
2、Response for technical service in production site on one’s own supervisor and design, report the major technical problems timely.
3、According to the reasonable opinion of the relevant departments, to perfect and change the technical documentation in time, and transfer to the technical assistant for the record to issue;
4、Response for the market technical services of one’s own supervisor;
5、According to the arrangement of the department heads, complete the technical service work of the department;
6、According to the requirements of the design research tasks, finish the writing of patents, sample technical checking, bidding scheme in technical specifications, technical project application, and related technical work.
7、Participate in all kinds of technical training organized regularly by Technology r&d.
8、Summarize the work, then submit to general manager at the end of each month.
9、Complete other work assigned by uppers.
Job requirements
1、Any male, female, master degree or above, major in 211 engineering colleges priority (fresh graduates acceptable);
2、Mechanical drawing, industrial design, mechanical design and manufacturing automation or related major is priority;
3、Skilled to map 3 d, 2 d figure
4、Love industrial design work, steadfast steady, careful and meticulous, be good at learning and study
5、More than 3 years working experience in mechanical design is priority;
6、Hold ability oforganization, management and coordination;
7、Be able to deal with the problem solving independently.
 Mechanical Designer-Senior 
Job responsibilities
1、Response for the company's vacuum equipment design and manufacturing;
2、Assist equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance.
Job requirements
1、211 engineering college graduate, master degree or above, major in vacuum or mechanical engineering preferred;
2、Above 5 years working experience in mechanical design, with independent analysis and problem solving skills;
3、Vacuum equipment related working experience is preferred;
4、Skilled application of AutoCAD, solidworks and other related design software
5、With a strong sense of responsibility, good professional ethics and possess good communication skills and team consciousness
6、Understand the maglev technology, has a screw pump compressor related experience is preferred
Electrical engineer
Job description
1、Complete electrical design on the basis of the current national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards.
2、Write the circuit of the electrical and electronic assembly and debugging, maintenance procedure.
3、Cooperate with the site according to the requirement, and deal with the problem actively .
4、Undertake the organization and coordination in the process of electric road design
5、Can use the computer to complete the writing of the electrical control circuit design and process planning work;
6、By learning to master the national standards, industry standards and enterprise standards, on-site coordination ability of technical work
1、 Bachelor degree or above, electrical or related major
2、Hold the strong ability of operation construction
3、Can work independently
Uality department manager
position statement
1、 QualityArrange and supervise the quality inspection personnel for incoming inspection, first article inspection, finished product inspection, testing, factory                  inspection, the product rule and measuring instruments, inspection calibration work
2、Promote and supervise the production of three inspection (self-inspection, mutual inspection, special-inspection)
3、 Quality inspection personnel's supervision and guidance department to correct improper operation
4、Timely solve the emergency in the process of inspection, and report to director;
5、Audit quality inspector inspection report
    Responsible for inspection product percent of pass for the overall data statistics and analysis 
    Department coordination communication
    Organize relevant departments to survey and analyze the cause of customer complaints and returns, jointly determine the responsibility department and thereasons, supervision and responsibility department to formulate and implement improvements
1、 Is responsible for the control of nonconforming product and collaboration with relevant departments, formulate prevention and improvement measures
2、Put forward opinions of handling obsolete material.
3、Assist in supplier evaluation and regular assessment;
4、Assist director of quality department work and personnel management as a whole
5、Organize quality inspection personnel skills training, improve the qc inspectors operation skills and quality consciousness;
6、Regularly update the visualization panel
7、Complete other work assigned by superiors.
8、Master manufacturing enterprise production management, process flow, cost control, safety management, quality management, etc;
9、Take leadership responsibility for the company's products quality and safety, and lead the company safety, quality management work
10、Strong leadership skills, patience, a strong sense of responsibility, there are quite a organization and coordination ability, good ability of writing portfolio
11、 Relevant work experience more than five years
12、 College degree or above, if the internal audit qualification certificate;
13、Response for managing the whole company's professional quality work;
1、Upon hiring, systemic treatment
2、Working place in Changping district Beijing, if can't come , do not send a resume.

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